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Can you already implement everything in a web application? If so, is the browser's header and footer in the way? Do you not want you to concentrate on your browsing according to your design? If you want to release an app using WebView, you can check it with Web Bracket without having a way to develop the app.
あなたはすでにWebアプリケーションですべてを実装できますか?そうであれば、Webブラウザーのヘッダーとフッターが邪魔ではありませんか?設計した導線に従って集中して皆さんに閲覧してほしいと思いませんか?もしもWebViewを使ってアプリをリリースしたいと思ったとき、アプリ開発の手段を持ってなくてもWeb Bracketで確認できます。
If you have a habit of creating wireframe diagrams in HTML at high speed, you can actually get it to work. If you are connected to the LAN via WiFi, you can naturally connect to the local web server.(Programming of <a> tag is necessary to make HTML transition.)
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labo Verification
Available ver 1.3.0 or later. バージョン 1.3.0 以降有効
For those who have installed Web Bracket. Let's do push notification.
Enter "wb_uid" enclosed in red in the "wb_uid" text box below. You can check this value by displaying Drawer> Cache.
* Web Bracket assigns a unique value to each terminal. No attributes are associated with the value.
Web Bracketをインストール済みの方へ。プッシュ通知をやってみましょう。
※Web Bracketは端末ごとに一意の値を割り当てています。値には何の属性も紐づけられていません。



Next, enter the text to be displayed at the Title position of the Push notification example and the text to be displayed at the Description position. 次にPush通知表示例のTitleの位置に表示したい文字列とDescriptionの位置に表示したい文字列をそれぞれ入力します。



Then enter the number you want to display as a badge. In the example image, it is "8". This is valid on iOS.
* Android will be implemented in the future as it requires programming.



Finally, if there is a page that you want to display when you touch this notification, enter that URL.
Push notifications will be sent when you press the "Send push notification" button.
「Send push notification」ボタンを押すとプッシュ通知が送られます。


* When performing this verification, it is effective to do in the state where the app is not in the foreground.
This app omits the push notification arrival process when the app is in the foreground.
  1. $(function(){
  2.  $("#button").click(function(){
  3.   var button = $(this);
  4.   button.attr("disabled", true);
  5.   var button = $(this);
  6.   button.attr("disabled", true);
  7.   var jsonData = {
  8.    "wb_uid": $("#wb_uid").val(),
  9.    "title": $("#wb_title").val(),
  10.    "description": $("#wb_description").val(),
  11.    "badge": $("#wb_badge").val(),
  12.    "url": $("#wb_url").val()
  13.   };
  14.   $.ajax({
  15.    type: 'post',
  16.    url: '//',
  17.    data: JSON.stringify(jsonData),
  18.    dataType : 'json',
  19.    contentType: 'application/json',
  20.    success: function(data) {
  21.     if (!data[0]) {
  22.      alert(data[1]);
  23.      return;
  24.     }
  25.    },
  26.    error: function(data) {
  27.     //alert(JSON.stringify(data));
  28.    },
  29.    complete: function() {
  30.     button.attr("disabled", false);
  31.    },
  32.   });
  33.  });
  34. });
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